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Omair Majid

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Hi, I am Omair Majid.

I am a Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat who works with open source languages, runtimes and projects like .NET Core and OpenJDK .

I am passionate about making sure these runtimes are well-maintained, secure, perform well, and stay compatible with the rest of the ecosystem on Linux, whether it’s in the context of containers running in the cloud (such as Kubernetes and OpenShift) or bare-metal.

I am a package maintainer in Fedora . I am also a member of the Fedora .NET Special Interest Group (SIG) ; I maintain .NET Core packages in Fedora as part of the SIG. I am also the current maintainer of some packages in Red Hat Enterprise Linux .

All opinions are my own. They may or may not reflect the opinions of any employers (past, present or future).


My GPG fingerprint is 9DB5 2F0B FD3E C239 E108 E7BD DF99 7AF8 B157 A9F0.


The contents of this website are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 4.0 International .

All patches posted on this website are licensed under the same license as the code they apply against.

All standalone code on this website is licensed under your choice of:

unless otherwise stated. If the above doesn’t work for you, please let me know; I am generally happy to re-license things to another open source license.